Hot Pepper Jelly

I came across a small jar of homemade jelly in the pantry a couple of weeks ago, the kind sealed with a silver Ball canning lid and ring, the kind grandmothers have used for "putting up" jelly, chutney, tomatoes and the like for decades. Like most, this one had a little sticker affixed to it... Continue Reading →

Huffing Post

My dogs have those toe pads that smell like Fritos. That warm, corny scent is, for me, cozy and reassuring in the same way my baby blanket was when I was growing up. I sometimes put my nose right against their dirty feet, pressing into the fur that sticks out between their toes, and take... Continue Reading →


There is something about anniversaries that seems to automatically set us up for disappointment, regardless of why the day is significant. The year marker of a lovely experience like a wedding, or a benign thing like a birthday, or an accomplishment like quitting smoking are wrought with expectation and memory: What if he doesn't remember? Will I get... Continue Reading →

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