Broadside Books

As an undergraduate creative writing student, I spent the majority of my disposable time and income at two independent stores in Northampton, Mass: Main Street Records and Broadside Books. I regularly took the Five College bus from Hampshire College into town and jumped off at the stop across the street from both for the sole... Continue Reading →

Expectations & Interviewing

There's something profoundly unnerving to me about reaching out to someone I don't know and asking them to talk to me. Maybe it's simple fear of the unknown. Maybe it's because I spent the last year interviewing for jobs like it was my job. When you are talking to strangers and practically begging them to... Continue Reading →

Running Head

The term running head conjures odd images for me. Immediately, I think in literal terms of a cartoonish, disembodied human head with disproportionately small legs fleeing a scene. Maybe a little like Mr. Potato Head if he were really on the go, though in my mind’s eye, he is always just standing around. Running head... Continue Reading →

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