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Anne Pinkerton studied poetry at Hampshire College and received an MFA in creative nonfiction from Bay Path University. Her writing often focuses on making sense of challenging life experiences

Anne Pinkerton is an essayist, memoirist, and poet. Her work often circles around grief, loss, and illness, as well as coping with these painful realities in our lives.

Her first book, Were You Close?, about navigating the death of her older brother David, will be published by Vine Leaves Press in April of 2023.

Other writing has appeared in Hippocampus Magazine, Ars Medica, Modern Loss, “Beautiful Things” at River Teeth Journal, Sunlight Press, Stone Gathering, The Bark, Entropy Magazine, Lunch Ticket, Shooter Literary Magazine, Farmer-ish, The HerStories Project, and the anthologies, The Pandemic Midlife Crisis: Gen X Women on the Brink and Nothing Divine Dies: A Poetry Anthology About Nature.

She holds an MFA in creative nonfiction from Bay Path University and studied poetry as an undergrad at Hampshire College. Anne grew up in Texas and now lives in Western Massachusetts.

Grief is the shadow love casts in the light of loss. The grander the love, the vaster the shadow. So much of who we are — who we discover ourselves to be — takes shape in that umbral space as we fumble for some edge to hold onto, some point of light to orient by.

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  1. Glad i found your writing, I also write creative non fiction. Currently trying to write a memoir- with great difficulty. Liked your words on loss!

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